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Weding dress

weding dressThe weding dress is a costume or single-purpose article of clothing worn by a bride during the marriage ceremony.

From antiquity, wedings have been highly regarded occasions.
The clothing worn by the bride for her weding has usually been distinguished from that of her daily wear.
Symbolism may be attached to the dress, such as white for purity, and may be attached to items worn with the dress, such as something blue for luck.

The symbolism associated with the weding dress may have cultural, traditional, or personal significance.

The 1990s weding dress and its symbolism was a matter of individual taste.
While many weding dresses resurrected styles of the past, other styles continued evolving, such as the mermaid dress, a creation form-fitted to the knees with a flared skirt.
Dresses were designed with a skirted train, a detachable train, or a veil trailing beyond the hem of the dress simulating a train.

Examples of weding dresses with fine construction and beadwork continued to be made and preserved for wear by the next generation of brides. weding dress The majority of weding dresses not designed for repeat wear might have had beading and trims glued to the dress instead of hand-sewn.
These dresses were often boxed and kept for sentimental reasons.
The practical bride may choose to rent a weding dress.

The modern weding dress is steeped in tradition and history. The elaborateness of the design and the association of any cultural significance or traditional symbolism to the dress or to items worn with the dress is the choice of the bride.

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