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Weding favor

weding favor Giving a favor is a joyful gesture, expressive of your gratitude and happiness for your guests' presence on this special occasion.

   Weding favor is not a manifestation of this tech-savvy century, but can be traced back to the 16th or 17th century.
It all started with the European aristocrats who provided a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain or even gold as weding favor.
To symbolize wealth and royalty, these boxes known as bonbonniere were encrusted with precious stones.
The boxes were filled with sugar cubes or delicate confections. As sugar was a not-so-affordable commodity those days, it was considered a prestigious gift.
This indicated the wealthy status of the bride and bridegroom.

weding favor    The best weding favors are exercises in elegant simplicity, beautiful things that are not too taxing to plan, make, or fit into the budget.
They are among the weding's most appealing elements and one of the easiest to personalize.
Although influenced by tradition, favors are not beholden to it.

   In fact, almost anything can be a favor, as long as it is pleasing, portable, and available in multiples.
If you have chosen a motif for your weding, you can carry it through to your favors as well. Your favors can reflect your wedding color.
Weding favors can also be symbolic.
Consider the meanings of various items when looking for ideas.

 Weding Gift
weding gift
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